Business Intelligence for the Real Time Enterprise

August 24, 2008 - Auckland, New Zealand

aims and scope

In today's competitive and highly dynamic environment, analyzing data to understand how the business is performing, to predict outcomes and trends, and to improve the effectiveness of business processes underlying business operations has become critical. The traditional approach to reporting is not longer adequate, users now demand easy-to-use intelligent platforms and applications capable of analyzing real-time business data to provide insight and actionable information at the right time. The end goal is to improve the enterprise performance by better and timelier decision making, enabled by the availability of up-to-date, high quality information.

As a response, the notion of "real-time enterprise" has emerged and is beginning to be recognized in the industry. Gartner defines it as "using up-to-date information, getting rid of delays, and using speed for competitive advantage is what the real-time enterprise is all about... Indeed, the goal of the real-time enterprise is to act on events as they happen".

Although there has been progress in this direction and many companies are introducing products towards making this vision reality, there is still a long way to go. In particular, the whole lifecycle of business intelligence requires new techniques and methodologies capable of dealing with the new requirements imposed by the real-time enterprise. From the capturing of real-time business performance data to the injection of actionable information back into business processes, all the stages of the Business Intelligence (BI) cycle call for new algorithms and paradigms as the basis of new functionalities including dynamic integration of real-time data feeds from operational sources, evolution of ETL transformations and analytical models, and dynamic generation of adaptive real-time dashboards, just to name a few.

The series of BIRTE workshops aims to provide a forum to discuss topics related to this emerging field and set research directions of business intelligence (BI) toward the vision of the real-time enterprise.

Following the success of BIRTE 2006 held in Seoul, Korea in conjunction with VLDB 2006, submissions for research, position and experience papers on relevant topics are encouraged.